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Kona Brewers Festival, Rotary Valentines day event, Run For Hops, Tropical Paws, Kauhiau, Lavaman, stay tuned for more upcoming events. 

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Kona Marathon,Brewers festival, PATH race, Lavaman 5k sunset Race, helping out with IRONMAN, running in Lavaman, The Jingle Bell Race,
Wobble Gobble, Run for Hope, Tropical Paws event and so much more. 
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Dr. Head will be racing on March 24, 2013 in  honor of Carmen Leolani White. Please show your support and sponsor his effort to help race for a cure for LLS and other blood cancers.





2012 Path Run  PATH is a community-based, grassroots 501(c)(3) non-profit public access advocacy organization serving Hawaii County. 

Dr. Head, his family and staff particiapted in this years event and placed; 2 first place finishes and a 3rd place finish. Team KVH represents and all for a good cause.


Nana the kids, Dr. Head, Ben and Sondrea                 Dr. Head 3rd place!                  Ben 1st place!                        Little Miss E. 1st place.

 2012 Run For Hope   A Race to benefit cancer research.

Dr. Jacob Head and family were very proud to participate in this wonderful event. They got to meet the Wonderful Team of Tucker

and Dr. Wendi from Kapi'olani Children's Hospital and show their support for friends and family who's lives have been touched by Cancer.



TEAM TUCKER -Love this Dog!  Before the Race                                           Dr. Head clowning around.         Jolene Head and Miss E


Run For Hops Saturday, March 10, 2012

Proud Kina'ole Sponsor of the 2012 Kona Brewers Festival

Dr. Head and family and friends came out to run and support the Bill Healy Foundation again at this world famous event.

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Proud Kina'ole Sponsor of the 2011 Kona Brewers Festival

Dr. Head, Jolene and their family all ran in the 5K event. This event was held the day of tsunami in Hawaii and the devastating 9.0 Earth quake and Tsunami in Japan it was a nice reminder that we were still a community and to be grateful for all we have.

Our thoughts were all very much with Japan. 

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 Run for Hops Race, March 13th 2010 

Official Sponsors of 2010 Kona Brewers Festival

Dr Head, Jolene Head, and kids all ran the 5K

Wendy  one of our amazing staff also ran in the event. It was so nice to see friends and clients alike out running. With the proceeds going to benefit path and how could you go wrong. It was a great day, great weather and a lot of fun.




Brewers Festival 2009

Official Sponsors of 2009 Kona Brewers Festival




Bubba Gumps Run Forrest Run Race

2010 Race Photos

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2009 race photos.